Why is Social Media Audit Essential for every Business?

Every month, about three billion individuals worldwide utilize social media. 75 percent believe that social media sites influence their purchase decisions. This demonstrates how important a competent social media strategy is for businesses that want to succeed. Digital marketing Virginia firms recommend conducting an in-depth social media audit before implementing social media marketing initiative.

However, with continuously shifting trends and increased social media competition, making a name nowadays is difficult. So, where should you start? Your best chance is to analyze your present social media platforms for areas for development and make adjustments that will result in improved outcomes.

What exactly is a social media assessment?

To maintain your brand’s digital presence, assess and enhance its social media accounts. This is known as social media auditing. Conducting frequent social media audits will help you achieve your engagement objectives by identifying the strengths and limitations of your social accounts and developing a unified social media approach that can propel your brand ahead.

Many factors come together to perform a thorough social media audit that shows your profiles’ good, bad, and ugly—all in the name of helping you enhance your game and effectively engage your audience.

Performance Metrics: Determine your profile’s performance in terms of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as conversions, engagement, followers, and clicks.

Social listening:

  • Tracking online discussions about your business to increase consumer engagement by communicating with your audience.
  • Preserving brand image in the event of fake news.
  • Answering customer complaints.

Material Pillars: To give a niche-specific message to your intended audience while maintaining a consistent brand voice.

Hashtags: Determine whether hashtags are detailed enough to boost your post’s reach and interaction.

SWOT Analysis: To gain a glimpse of your social media effectiveness and discover areas for development, examine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Why is Social Media Audit Important?

Although completing a social media audit may appear to be a lengthy and time-consuming procedure, the analytics will enable you to achieve the most out of your social media efforts, including increased engagement and conversions that benefit your bottom line. No matter if you are one amongst Virginia Beach IT companies or an online-only retail stores, social media audit will help you launch a successful social media campaign.

Here are some of the benefits of doing social media audits:

  • Allows you to monitor what people are saying about your business and competition.
  • Gives you detailed information about your present social media effectiveness.
  • Aids in identifying chances to enter a new market or targeted audience.
  • Highlights your rivals’ engagement tactics so you may learn from them and attract your audience more effectively.
  • It provides specific ways to improve your social media management game and outperform your competition to make a name for yourself.

An essential step in doing a social media assessment should be to compile a detailed list of all the social media profiles you presently have on various networks. Examine each profile carefully for brand voice, theme, and style guide anomalies.

Make a Google Sheet with these anomalies and share them with your creative team. Then, make a schedule to update your social network’s entire appearance and feel.

An optimized profile should ideally have an appropriate social media account name, a brand logo as the profile photo, an ideal biography that shows users what you are doing, the goods you provide, and why they should consider you, as well as a Call-to-Action (CTA).